Editor’s Top Picks and Most Affordable Degree Program Lists

You're here to learn about how to get an education for a calling in the ministry.

Every page on is packed with the information you're looking for about Christian careers and qualifications, the many types of degrees available at every level, and how they can give you a deeper understanding of scripture while at the same time preparing you for a role in Christian leadership.

But sooner or later, you're going to have to put all that information to good use by taking the next big step: picking the Christian college or university you want to attend.

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On top of all the great information you can find across this website, we've dug down to the next level and created our own lists of Christian degree programs in the United States. Here you'll find the results of two very different kinds of analyses, one quantitative the other qualitative. 

Decoding Affordable vs Top

Affordable Christian College Degree Programs vs Top Christian College Degree Programs - what's the difference?

One Christian ministry education is quantitative (affordable) with stone-cold numbers, while the other is qualitative (top) based on student experience.

Determine which college degree program is best based on your individual needs and priorities.


Most Affordable Christian College Degree Programs

These lists represent a stone-cold, numbers-only analysis of the most affordable bachelor's and master's programs by state. It's exactly the kind of side-by-side comparison of tuition rates every prospective student needs to consider before making a final selection. is among the only organizations with the time and resources to provide a thorough break-down of tuition data for every accredited Christian college in America.

If you're looking for a crystal-clear picture of how much you can expect to pay to attend a quality Christian college in your state, and how much you could save by selecting one that offers rates that come in somewhere below the state average, then these lists will provide everything you're looking for.

2023: The Most Affordable Online and Campus-Based Christian Bachelor's Degree Programs in America

2023: The Most Affordable Online and Campus-Based Master of Divinity (MDiv) Programs in the United States

Editor's Choice for the Top Christian College Degree Programs

This is where the expertise of our editorial staff shines. These lists represent a purely qualitative analysis of the programs we feel deserve a second look on the basis of student experience. We give our take on quality metrics we feel mean the most to students – looking at things like student clubs and organizations, alumni network, faculty accomplishments, noble works and charity, biblical research, third-party accolades, history and reputation.

It's exactly those kinds of qualities that can't be assigned a number and plugged into a spreadsheet. Only someone who knows a thing or two about the Christian college experience is in a position to make this kind of analysis. You can be sure you're in good hands, and just as sure that you can't go wrong with any of the bachelor's and master's programs that made it on to our top picks lists.

2023: 50 Top Recommendations for the Best Online and Campus-Based Master of Divinity Programs (MDiv) in the United States

2023: Editor's Picks for Best Online and Campus-Based Christian Bachelor's Degrees in America

Accreditation Offers the Ultimate Assurance of Quality and Value

Although we have different criteria we use depending on the type of analysis, one thing is true about all the programs you will find here on our lists: they are only in the running if they come from one of the 386 fully accredited Christian colleges in the U.S. offering degrees in:

What do we mean by fully accredited? It means that these schools have passed rigorous screening for basic quality standards expected of colleges and universities operating in the U.S. And just as importantly, accreditation means these schools meet the eligibility standards for Title IV federal funding that most students rely on, at least in part, for grants and subsidized loans.

Each and every school you will find here holds accreditation in good standing from an organization recognized by either the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the Department of Education.

Some of these are general accreditors, looking at the academic and administrative quality of the whole school, either Christian or secular. Some of them are specialized accreditors, dedicated solely to evaluating religious programs offered through Christian schools. In every case, they do a thorough job of digging into the details of how these programs are run, from faculty hiring and firing, to curriculum development, to grading and appeals policies.