Youth Pastor Interview Questions to be Ready For

Youth Pastor singing with Children

Applying for a youth pastor position will have many of the standard job application questions you’ve heard before, with many other unique ones fitting the massive responsibility that comes with the job.

Knowing how to become a youth pastor includes what to expect during the hiring process. That’s why we’ll look at several of the most common youth pastor interview questions and get you feeling prepared.

Why Are You Interested in This Church?

This is the most likely to pop up of all the youth pastor interview questions you’ll receive. Your church leader will want to know more about your perception of their institution and the values you believe it holds. Your answer will also reveal your values, so give careful but honest answers.

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What Is Your Favorite Scripture?

This question will show the church the parts of your faith you resonate with the most to help them see if your religious beliefs fit their approach.

Can You Tell Me About Your Relationship with God?

This is a general “get-to-know-you” question that informs the church about your personal and spiritual journeys and where your interest in becoming a youth pastor originated.

Have You Ever Felt Distant from Your Religion (and Why)?

Some churches ask this question to test your dedication to your faith and learn more about the aspects of it that you might struggle to understand.

Don’t be afraid to answer this question honestly, even if you have strayed from your faith in the past. Most institutions are okay with having youth pastors who once felt lost, as they can help guide students who are lost themselves.

How Long Have You Wanted to be a Youth Pastor?

Churches ask these youth pastor interview questions to gauge your passion for teaching youths and spreading the word of God. Of course, you don’t need a lifelong interest in teaching, but churches want to know that you’re not just taking the job on a whim.

Why Do You Want to be a Youth Pastor?

This question allows you to illustrate your passion for your faith and teaching and lets churches know that your heart and spirituality are in the right place. 

Do You Have Experience Working with Children?

Some churches only want pastors with previous experience and will ask this and similar youth pastor interview questions to flush out anyone unqualified. However, previous experience isn’t a prerequisite for all ministries.

Can You Tell Me About Yourself in General?

The youth pastor hiring process is a job interview like any other, so this boilerplate question will likely come up wherever you apply. This is an excellent opportunity for you to illustrate your strengths and why you’re a fit for their team.

What Is One of Your Biggest Weaknesses?

Even though this is a standard, seemingly unassuming question, you should expect it in your interview and answer it carefully. Youth pastors are vital parts of churches, and while nobody will expect you to be flawless, having weaknesses incompatible with teaching will disqualify you immediately. 

What Is Your Approach to Teaching?

The following youth pastor interview questions typically come up after you’ve passed the initial, general questions with flying colors. Here, the church will try to learn your leadership style in an educational setting and deem if it works with their institution. 

How Would You Motivate an Uninterested Child?

Though you might not have an immediate answer to this question, keeping youths interested in your teachings is essential for being a youth pastor. The interviewer will have a firm idea of the methods that work within their institution, and echoing those ideas can give you a leg up on the competition.

How Would You Handle Conflict in the Class?

Conflict resolution is essential for being a youth pastor, whether you expect tensions to rise or not. Similar to motivation techniques, your church will likely have an approach they typically take to settling disputes in the class, and having a matching conflict resolution method can help you secure the position.

How Would You Resolve a Complaint from a Parent?

Churches want to know that you’re prepared to handle complaints from parents, and these youth pastor interview questions let you show that you can control that part.

If you illustrate a detailed resolution method, show that you’re listening to feedback, and keep the child’s best interest in mind, you will check this essential interview box.

What Are Your Core Values as a Teacher and Person of Faith?

This is another question that lets churches get to know you, your faith, and your teaching methods better. If you have an answer that prioritizes children’s development and shows your values align with the institution’s, you should be in good shape.

What Will You Bring to This Church If We Hire You?

This question is more about culture fit than your teaching methods. So, if you hear it during your interview, consider your personality strengths and how they can apply to the institution. For example, if you’re a hard worker, mention that the church will see your work ethic inside and outside the classroom.

This can also be a great place to talk about how you apply God’s teachings to real-world, out-of-classroom settings.

What Age Groups Are You Looking to Guide?

There are no wrong answers here. If you hear this question, the church likely views you as a quality candidate and wants to gauge where you would fit best.

What Is Your Availability?

Again, there are no wrong answers to this question. Answer honestly, and if the church hires you, they’ll work with your availability. 

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

These youth pastor interview questions are to help you determine if the job you’ve applied for is an ideal fit and test your engagement in the role. Most job recruiters expect you to have questions since they’re looking for eager applicants who want to know everything about their prospective role, so be sure to prepare something.